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How Sunny bought his First Laptop worth Rs.49,990 while Playing Online

Teenager Sunny Kumar a.k.a 'ARRAH' (his Poker username) has been winning big in online poker and he recently bought a new laptop with the money won through 9stacks. There are numerous players who play free-roll tournaments everyday and win thousand of rupees by playing poker online.

We got up close and personal in a candid chat with a beaming Arrah, who shared with us details on how he's playing, how he got addicted to the game, and how he won so much money from 9stacks tables. 

Q1.) Congratulations Sunny for your first laptop! Tell us a little about how and when you started playing poker. Who introduced you, how did you start playing on 9stacks?

Yeah, I bought a laptop (worth Rs 49,990). I started playing poker in April 2018. In 2018 I got addicted to fantasy cricket (sports) there I lost all my savings and thereafter I searched google for "How to make money online." and I found some apps and some poker sites including 9stacks there.

Q2.) Why you chose 9stacks over other poker platforms?

Well, the offers on 9stacks were quite interesting to be honest and I started with no money at all. Free-roll tournaments of 9stacks are quite amazing. After playing for a few days I realized that I can withdraw my freeroll winnings after the tournament, no other sites were giving these features at that time. Moreover, I just love the interface of 9stacks app. I made my bankroll after winning some free-roll tournaments & never looked back.

Q3.) How was your experience with deposits & withdrawals on 9stacks?

Damn easy & quick. My withdrawals usually come into my bank account within 2 hours.

Q4.) How is your family reacting to you playing poker and how do you put your winnings to use generally?

Even after playing for so many months I had not told my parents about this. But when I started winning then I told them that all this money is coming from playing poker, initially, they got angry but after that, all went good. Now I buy gadgets from my winnings.

Q5.) And what is your take on our offers and promotions?

I think 9stacks has the best offers and promotions in the industry for every poker player and also one most unique promotion - the step-up program.

If you are new to Poker or want to know the game, 9stacks is giving you upto Rs.100 free bonus from which you can learn the game & get professional. Everyday there are numerous tournaments & cash tables running with lakhs of money in offerings. 

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