Indian Poker Usernames

What’s in a name right? Well apparently, quite a lot! Online poker is like playing against people wearing masks. But online poker usernames can often tell us a lot about the player behind the mask. 

The first thing any poker player wants to find out when he/she sits on a table is about the years of experience surrounding him. Similarly, online poker skills grow steadily with time. You want to know what you are up against, and you want to know how experienced your opponents really are. 

While these suggestions may not always be 100% accurate, they are very rarely far from the truth. Firstly, if you ever see an online player with usernames like Karan1981 or Ramesh31, you can take a shot at their age. Karan was probably born in 1981 and Ramesh might as well be 31 years old. You can make a judgement on their gameplay depending on their age. Older players are often tighter players, who play textbook style. They will be easier to bluff, but hard to get value from on hands where you hold the absolute nuts. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that only new, inexperienced players keep their real names as their usernames. So, when you see a username which is a typical Indian name, you can safely bet that the player is new to online poker. I made the same mistake when I was first introduced to online poker, but you should always use an alias. Never use your real name. 

On the other hand, if you see usernames like Akash1998, you are facing a young and inexperienced player. So you can expect some aggressive poker and be prepared to deal with the same.

The interesting aspect of this subject arises when it comes to usernames like pokerkadon or pokeryamraj because it seems as if you’re up against a cocky, aggressive player who believes that he or she is the God of poker. But this is where it gets tricky. Sometimes, the smarter of the lot will pick usernames which have only one objective: to give you the exact opposite impression of themselves as poker players. For all you know, pokeryamraj is a very tight player who only plays premium hands and medium pockets. Similarly, a player with the username bluffnahikarunga, is probably someone who wins most of his pots through stone-cold bluffs. 

Some usernames are just too vague to make any predictions about them. Usernames like muttonbiryani or pehelwan give no clue about the personality characteristics of the player. Against such players, best not to make any presumptions based on their username. 

So what did we learn? Poker usernames are not 100% reliable data on how to judge your opponent’s gameplay, but you can sure use them to make certain assumptions about them, and use those assumptions to your advantage! 



Saptarshi 'Pixie' Basak

An avid poker enthusiast, a book bug, highly interested in International Politics and Affairs, he loves the variations in poker, his blogs bring the same variation in writing style and topics.