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Interview with Vaibhav Sharma (GhaintJatti)

After shipping a couple of tournaments back to back, we asked Vaibhav Sharma (GhaintJatti) a few questions, read on what he has to say.

1. How was the experience of playing The Joker?

I had a good experience playing the tournament Joker. I am looking forward to 9stacks Super Series as it offers great value.

2. What did you think about the structure?

I think its decent structure throughout the tournament even in the late stages, every player had a chance to bounce back and take the lead.

3. Who did you enjoy playing against in the tournament?

Aaaaah probably against myself, where I mean to keep myself calm, chilled and don’t really go out of the line too much and stay focused in the game. 

4. How did you maintain your stack throughout the tournament?

I can’t recall completely now but I believe I had pretty good stack till itm bubble then I got short n then when 15 players were left I kept chipping up and spinning my stack and had a decent stack for the final table.

5. You have won all featured tournaments of 9stacks in last 10 days The Dragon, Thunder and now The Joker, How do you feel about it? 

it feels amazing, keep clicking and winning chills me out.

6. Have you seen P se poker? what do you think about it?

P se Poker is amazing and I am a really big fan of Sanjay Sir’s videos as well so I really enjoy watching his stuff.

7. What do you think about 9stacks?

9stacks is a decent platform for playing MTTs and cash I believe. 9stacks runs great promos and leaderboard stuff for vegas and all. I think 9stacks can add more value with good GTDs in the daily schedule like other sites running and can be great for bringing more action on the site.



Sanchit Kumar

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