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Meet The Missketeers- Lavanya Thota

24 years old, Business Management student from the Indian Institute of Management- Kozhikode, Lavanya Thota describes herself as a happy-go-lucky upbeat player with a penchant for dancing. Her love for the craft is rivaled only by her love for poker.

Lavanya loves playing tournaments and has been playing poker since 2017. She took to online poker a little over 2 months ago. Lavanya is the youngest Missketeer of the team.

Poker, in her life, started as a way to have fun with friends when they ran out of conversations to have but later on it became one of the most important ways to have fun. Being a business student helped her understand the strategic similarities between poker and business and that is what kept her interested in the game. In Business Management, they have a subject called Competitive Strategy using poker, which added on to her interest and led her to play regularly.

She likes to expose herself to the strategies of as many different kinds of poker players as she can find to get better at the game. She has played with a wide range of people starting from first timers to people who have been playing since they were 15 years old. Lavanya thinks there is so much to learn from each type of player which makes her realize that there is a lot to learn in this game.

Lavanya believes that a good night's sleep before a major tournament helps her focus and gain more clarity during the game the next day.

“Fundamentally, men and women are considered to have different risk-taking abilities and aggression levels in games. But, this difference can be eliminated with practice. With sufficient practice, the role of gender can be eliminated from the game of poker," says Lavanya to answer the question if women poker players have a different game strategy as opposed to that of the male players on the poker table. She also adds, "The beauty of online games is that you are behind a screen where no one can undermine or overestimate your skill based on gender. I really enjoy playing online because the games are played purely on an individual's skill.” 

On something, she would like the non-players to know is “Understand how poker is so much more than just a game of cards. The level of skill that is required and the strategies that go behind every hand make it a sport worth trying. Online is the best platform to try out because it eliminates the constraints of time, number of people etc.”



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.