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Meet The Missketeers- Prashaste Sinha (@chuparustam)

 28 years old Prashaste Sinha never thought she’d ever play poker, or any other card game for that matter. 

She comes from a typical kayasth family that loves playing cards. Prashaste is the black sheep.

She admits she’s been terrified of playing cards all her life. It is ofcourse, an irrational fear.

She was introduced to the game by very patient friends one evening, when they discovered to their surprise that she had such an irrational fear of poker and other card games.

As she started playing the game, she realised that she actually enjoyed the game.

Her colleagues and bosses are passionate poker players, so she’s had a lot of support and encouragement from them. 

An English literature student from the University of Delhi, Prashaste has been a rolling stone all her life and only very recently begun to gather moss now that she’s lived in Delhi for a decade.

Her banker father’s transfers to different cities took her to different parts of the country and she loves exploring cultures and histories though folklore, recipes and walking around the cities. Her Instagram handles are filled with musings and observations about food, mental health and life. 

Poker has been an immensely positive influence in her life in many ways and she believes she has now begun to understand what discipline and patience truly mean. “I’ve always had a lot of ideas but I would never see them through. I would always be anxious and would just not have the patience to see something to its logical end. I’d kill the idea in my head even before it started. But somehow that changed after I started playing poker. It came as shock to me initially when we had to post bets pre-flop but then I realised that is the beauty of it. You need to take the leap, push yourself and just play the game. Whatever happens later will be handled in the next step or the next round. I just have to take one step at a time and focus on playing the hand I have, instead of worrying about things that will come later. Waiting for the right cards and not giving in to pressure also taught me a lot about discipline.”

Prashaste enjoys playing tournaments and goes by the name @ChupaRustam.

She likes to read blogs and poker tutorials to understand the nuances of the game.

She believes she learns more when she is amongst better players and likes to observe their game. “I'm brand new to poker, so I look at every poker player with awe. I am constantly gushing about how the sorted the players are.

They look at life the same way they look at poker- that the game is supposed to be played and enjoyed.

Whether you win or lose, you're always getting better at it as long as you're open to improvement.”

 One thing she’d love non poker players to know is that poker is not only a very challenging game, it is also very nuanced and layered. Only skill based strategy helps you create and sustain your success.





Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.