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Meet The Missketeers- Radhika Mahalingaiah (@Betazoid)

Radhika Mahaliangaiah or ‘betazoid’ as she is known in the online poker circles is a delightful happy-go-lucky poker player, who discovered her love for the game very recently. She is a journalist based out of Bangalore and is an avid scrabbler. Extremely passionate about astronomy, traveling, gardening and playing scrabble, 60 years old Radhika was introduced to poker by one of her scrabble buddies and has been hooked to the game ever since. In fact, there are days when she longs to come back home and unwind with a game of poker after being stressed out over a hectic day of scrabble! 


As a newbie, Radhika hates the players who love going "All-In” and wishes she could be “putting bluffers over my knees for a sound whack.” If she could change something about the game she would “Ban all-ins, shove the concept to the moon and jump up and down on it for good measure.”


Radhika is a regular on 9stacks and likes to pen down her observations about the players she meets, from time to time, in her blogs on the website. Her blogs can be read here.


To answer the question if women poker players have a different game strategy as opposed to that of the male players on the poker table, Radhika notes that “Women are more stoic and get aggressive only on Broadway hands. Definitely, men love to bully and project an aggressive image. Men are of course temperamental too, especially if their good hands fizzle out to better ones.”


The ever effervescent betazoid identifies with the Koi fish and believes that poker for her is a fun game, and wishes more people would look at it as a sport. “You win some and you lose some, but have fun," says Radhika. 


She believes if ever there was a movie/book to be written on her poker journey, she would like it to be called “Koi’s sojourn in Pokerland”.





Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.