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Meet The Missketeers- Ritu Chadha

Ritu Chadha is the feisty “Rittweiller” on the 9stacks poker tables. The Chartered Accountant cum gym owner cum hotelier discovered poker via her scrabble friends and has been having a baller time playing the game since 2016.

 Ritu heard about poker from her husband as he hosts regular games. She played it only twice during scrabble tourney and started playing it only since October 2017 on 9stacks regularly. She was drawn to it because she loved the thrill involved in it. She finds the thrill very entertaining. Also, because it has so many combinations that one never knows what will come up. 

 Her journey with 9stacks has been a memorable one. She loves some of the hands people share on the platform. She recalls winning the first online tournament and thinking that she was going to beat the whole world only to realize she was not even a fish, but just a mere plankton. It took a lot of losses to learn something. Most importantly, she never believed poker to be a game of skill till she started playing it. "It definitely is more a game of skill than luck. Luck evens out but skill lasts," says Ritu.

 Never one to mope about and always a good sport, Ritu also mourns the losses that come “When a player has done all-in so many times and then has pushed me into an all-in, I have lost the whole pot shamefacedly. Won some too, but the losses were painful.” For me, such players are the Khatmals," states the Rittweiller.

 She does, however, think that there is a fair amount of sexism involved in poker. She would love to break the prejudices men have about women playing poker and that can only be done if women win more often than not. If there was one advice she would want to give to the women sitting on the fence on their decision to play poker, she would like to ask them to “Come on- let's show 'em, beat 'em and roast 'em!”.

The movie on her poker journey would be called "A Fish named Rittweiller."



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.