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Meet The Missketeers- Sakshi Misra (@StackAttack)

28 years old Sakshi is a social media strategist and designer working in the development sector.

She’s as passionate about playing poker as she is about travelling and reading books.

Sakshi discovered poker through friends 2 years ago and has been primarily a home game player.

Shes started playing online poker 6 months ago.

She loves taking risks and so she is a natural aggressive on the poker table.

The funniest thing she says that happens to her on the online poker table is that most people confuse her to be a man because of her player name, @stackattack.

“The best reactions I get are when I tell them that I am a girl. They are not ready to believe that they can be beaten by girls!”

Since the time I started playing online, I have come across many types of players. I hate people who go all in all the time.

The most interesting thing is when I play people don't take me seriously till i actually start winning.

So once, someone (with whom I had played earlier) came to the same table and said "Yahan Bhi... Kahi to khelene do" “I used to earlier go by the name Smisra01 and I encountered some creeps online who used to unnecessarily pass comments and ask for my personal details.

It is bad enough that there are not many girls who are part of the poker journey, and for those who want to play, creeps like these don't let them.”

If there was a book/movie made on her poker journey, it would be called “Attacking the Stack”.

If there was something she’d like to tell people about poker is that it is not gambling and is about skills and probability, patience and luck.

She believes that more and more women should take up poker and advises them to just come and play. “Enjoy the journey, doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It is a different filled which is not appreciated much in the society we live in especially for girls.

So, stop thinking about others, and for once, do what you enjoy.”

She hopes that the poker industry will take concrete steps to encourage more women to take up the game by formulating safer policies and organizing more women specific tournaments.



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.