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Poker QnA with Noobpro

Bhavye Mittal aka NoobPro is one of the top players on 9stacks. He was awarded All-Round Crusher of the year at IPC Awards Goa 2020, crushed #LFGVegas 2.00 in 2019 and is right at the top of the leaderboard in #LFGVegas III, already having picked up a Diamond Vegas package and continuing upwards! 

He recently interacted live on our Instagram and Facebook page in an open-house format, where he took a wide variety of questions from other 9stacks players. Here are excerpts from the session, highlighting some of the questions he answered:

00:22 - How do you identify weak players on the table?

00:39 - Should we follow the same strategy for all Buy-in tourneys?

01:07 - What is a blocker bet?

02:00 - How to control downswing?

03:01 - Any suggestions for beginners?

03:22 - How to manage bankroll management?

05:08 - What do you enjoy most? Cash Grind or MTT?

05:21 - What do you think about playing on 10BB tables?

05:42 - What is the strategy to go long in a big buy-in tournament when not getting good cards?

06:26 - When do you 3-barrel a stone-cold bluff?

We learnt a lot from him.. Hope you do too! Keep grinding, keep learning!



Shekhar Singh

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