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Poker Diaries- The Saga of LIVE Tournaments

Can you imagine a Koi fish swimming with sharks in a deep mesmerising ocean? That too competing with hammer head sharks, white sharks, tiger sharks and other not very little sharks to get to the emerald shoreline! Sounds very intimidating, adventurous and downright exciting indeed!

The Deltin Poker Tournament in Goa from Feb 15-19 is beckoning this Koi to take a leaping jump into exciting world of live poker tourneys. Wow! Whew! Am I really taking the plunge? Yes, yes and yes ☺

9Stacks has very graciously decided to go ahead with a 9-woman team (“the 9 Missketeers”- I like that name!) to the DPT event, including India's first professional woman player and also yours truly, Betazoid the Koi fish. Is it to promote women’s participation or to promote online poker as a game? Maybe both, but I for one am looking forward to meeting professional players.

I feel like a school child getting ready for exams, learning strategies on how to play poker. Guess I should learn a few things before facing the big sharks.

But let me tell you something, poker terms are driving me Nuts and at every Turn, a fresh River of Info comes from the Backdoor to Gutshot my Pockets or my Suits giving me no Outs for a Set. Yikes, scrabble is a simpler game!

Never mind the terms, we Kois are the Underdogs and are entitled to our right to ignorance. So, leaving aside the crazy terms, I have been going through some gems from professional players. Though much of it has flown off the top of my head, I have managed to garner some useful tips ☺

PPs (Professional Pokerists) watch out for the Kois. We are coming to have fun and maybe, just maybe make the emerald shore. I have bundled the nervousness and inexperience and buried it in my backyard and jumped up and down on it for good measure.

Complicated and mind boggling as it is, poker has me in its grip as a challenging game. I am now convinced that it is a Sport more than the G word, though more suited to the sedentary types and possibly night owls ☺



Radhika Mahalingaiah

Radhika aka Betazoid is a retired journalist and an avid scrabble and poker player. She is a guest writer with 9stacks