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All of 22 years, Delhi based upcoming poker player Ujjwal Narwal AKA Cold1 stunned every one at the Gabba Tournament tables last night and shipped the tournament to win Rs 1 lakh. Fresh out of IIT-Delhi, this young gun who loves playing poker online, was introduced to poker only a couple of years ago and has never looked back since then.

We caught up with him for a small chat on his experience playing and winning last night’s Prime Time tournament on 9stacks

Team 9stacks : Congratulations on the big win, Ujjwal! How was the experience playing the Gabba Tournament this time?

Cold1 : It was great! Loved the structure and the payjumps were good

Team 9stacks : Did you have a moment of doubt during bubble time?

Cold1: I had a decent stack at bubble so I actually chipped up a little during the bubble

Team 9stacks : Was there a player that you watched out for during the game?

Cold1: I had a pretty tough F2T with kornkid, oshoswami, brocklesnar95 on the table. So there wasn't just a single player I had to watch out for!

Team 9stacks : How do you deal with the on table aggression applied by many players during the game?

Cold 1: Depends a lot on my stack and the stage of the tournament. Sometimes I'm folding the same hand to a 3 bet which I would typically 4 bet jam otherwise. But mostly I don't like being pushed around!

Congratulations, Ujjwal and good luck for all the upcoming tournaments.

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