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Anchit Singla Emerges as Vegas in Rs 9 Champion and wins a trip to Las Vegas

9stacks newbie (but definitely no fish, this one), Anchit ‘anchit97’ Singla, beat 200+ Vegas dreamers to reach the final table of the TakeOff2Vegas Tournament on the 31st of March and took it down to win a trip worth Rs 2 Lakhs, to Las Vegas.

If you’re one of the “ but how much did he lose to win this?” junta, or if you’ve been living under a rock all this time, you’d be surprised to note that Anchit won the trip by participating in the Vegas in Rs 9 challenge hosted by 9stacks! :P

Anchit entered the challenge on Level 1 with just Rs 9 in his pocket, won the tournament to proceed to level 2 - the grand finale- TakeOff2Vegas . But that didn’t really make him happy enough. He played some more during the 15 days long challenge, shipped a few more to win more entry tickets just to secure his re-entries for the final tournament. [ 9stacks now allows re-entries in tournaments. You can re-enter the tournament with your tickets unless specifically mentioned.]

Oh, and did we mention that the 22 years old MBA Finance final year student joined 9stacks only TWO months ago?

Let’s read about his journey

Team 9stacks : Hi Anchit! Congratulations on a massive win! Give us a peek through all the emotions you are going through right now.

Anchit97 : Thank you very much. I am very excited. This is my first big win ever, so it feels a bit overwhelming and I’m quite happy about shipping a major tournament. :)

Team 9stacks: Tell us a little about your Vegas in Rs 9 journey.

Anchit97: So.. I entered at Level 1 and played a tournament with a buy in of Rs 9 and after playing 6-7 tournaments, I started shipping them to win myself the entry ticket to the TakeOff2Vegas tournament. I was pretty focussed on winning. I won about 3-4 tickets in the process. I realised this was a good thing to have in hand especially since re-entries were being allowed in the tournament via the tickets.

Team 9stacks : Smart move! Let’s move to the Grand Finale. What was your strategy throughout the game? How did the final table fold for you?

Anchit97 : I had my tickets and I was pretty much playing cautiously throughout the game. I didn’t have any ambitions of overtaking the chip leader on the table. This was a big game and I didn’t want to risk my chips at that time. I played my natural game. I took 3 re-entries in the tournament. I just wanted to reach the final table and didn’t want to bubble out.

Team 9stacks : Hmm. Were you nervous near the bubble?

Anchit97: Not nervous per say, but there were more than 200 players participating in the tournament, so had to keep in mind the variance that can come in times like these. Plus these players would definitely not be complete fish players. I just kept calm and carried on, did not take risks at all to avoid bubbling.

Team 9stacks : Was there a player you were wary of, on the table?

Anchit97: I wasn’t very affected by the game of other players on the table. Ofcourse, they were all new players, ones I hadn’t played with earlier so I couldn’t really underestimate their game. At the same time, it was a boon for me because then I could just focus on my natural game and strategize by thinking on my feet. It was a good game over all.

Team 9stacks : Tell us a little about the hand that won the tournament for you. At what moment did you know you’re shipping it?

Anchit97: So, when the final table began, my hopes were up. I was in the 5th position and had a decent stack to pull me through, unlike before, where I was always mid stacked.

Ofcourse, at this point, the excitement was building up and I took care to not pressurize myself into making a risky move.

The final hand was fun actually. I was the chiplead at this point. It was simple, but quite thrilling. The Flop was Q35 and my opponent with his huge stack went all in, I called. Turns out he had Q4 and I had Q8!

Team 9stacks : Quite a nailbiter indeed! Congratulations! Did you ever think you’d win a trip to play poker in the biggest poker destination of the world, Las Vegas? Is there player you’d want to meet or watch?

Anchit97 : I hadn’t actually. Not soon, definitely. I haven’t decided on the trip yet. I’m definitely hoping to meet Daniel Negreanu if I go. On 9stacks I like playing against this player called skilled. Good player.

Team 9stacks : We’re sure ‘skilled’ will be thrilled to know this . :)

Team 9stacks : It was quite a feat you pulled off there , beating 200+ opponents in a 5 hours long tournament. This however is not the first time you’re playing poker, aren’t you?

Anchit97 : Yes, I actually started playing poker 2-3.5 years ago. I began playing in college with friends and used to enjoy playing home games quite a bit. Then I became interested in online poker and began playing on adda52 and the other sites on and off.

Team 9stacks : Right, we all start somewhere and the poker pangs just keep growing after that. How did you start playing on 9stacks?

Anchit97: Actually my friend Anish Patra introduced me to your site and I’ve been playing here since February. He plays here quite often. I’m not sure I remember his username though. :p

Team 9stacks : Interesting, and how has your experience been playing here on 9stacks as opposed to the one you’ve had on other sites?

Anchit97: I quite enjoy playing here. There’s a lot of action here on the cash tables. I play the 5/10 and 10/20 stakes and I feel there’s good money to be made here. I play the Century leaderboard promotion and win around 200-300 bucks on a daily basis above my regular on table winnings.

Team 9stacks: And what is your take on our offers and promotions?

Anchit97: What I like about them is that you guys have offers and promotions catered to every level of player- like, there’s something for those who deposit Rs 500 and play on the 1/ 2 and 2/4 stakes , people like me who deposit larger amounts, play on the 5/10 stakes and then higher stakes where the deposits and rewards are quite proportional.

Team 9stacks: Thankyou so much for this, Anchit, The team will be thrilled with this feedback. We constantly come up with new ideas to make your experience the best in the industry. We wish you all the best for the upcoming tournaments and games and we really hope to see you in Vegas!



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