Poker Tips


What is the odds? As a poker player, you should ask this question first. Here are the basic facts that will help you understand the game.

Maps do not match

Maps do not match the ones in common? Drop your hand as soon as someone places the bet.

Ace in hand

The ace in the starting hand does not necessarily mean a win. Play only if your second card is the same suit, or 10 or higher.

Initial hand with potential

Play if you have pairs before the flop (7-7, 9-9) , two pictures (KQ, QJ) , or cards that can create a straight or flush (8-9, 6-7 of the same suit) . In all other cases, discard cards, unless you are in the blind.

A good hand? Place strong bids

In no-limit Texas Hold'em, you can place any amount, so if you have good cards, support them with a strong bet.

Watch and wait

Play with fewer hands if you are one of the first players to make a move. You do not know what the other players are doing, and if they raise the stakes, you will fly out of the game with a bullet.

Wait for your turn

The game goes clockwise around the poker table

Place bids, do not just answer them

Remember that most poker is at a very psychological level, so keep everyone under control.

Bluff bluff

If someone raises bets at a late position, chances are great that this player is just trying to be happy, hoping to "steal" the blinds. If you are in the blind, you can raise bets to scare off this player and take the pot. This method, which is called "jump above the roof," is probably one of the strongest in no-limit Texas Hold'em.

Be patient

Try not to walk too fast. Before making a decision, think about how the bets went and what kind of cards your opponent can have. Do not hurry.

The best hands

Chances to get the best starting combination (two aces, a pair of pictures or AK by suit) is only 2.1% . Expect these hands and you will never start playing.