pixel Responsible Gaming

As a regulated, responsible and professionally run company, we at 9stacks believe in helping all our users enjoy the mind sport responsibly.  We strive at ensuring approved gaming formats and take care that all our promotions and tournaments are minutely monitored on a daily basis. 

We take responsible gaming very seriously are constantly urging clients to keep a check on their playing habits. 

Please take a look at the following carefully before you start playing poker on 9stacks. 

18 + Age Verification :

9stacks does not accept any player who is below the age of 18 years to play on our platform. 

Advertising or marketing to any such user is against our personal and corporate values. 

Please verify your age by checking the box named ‘18+’ here, at the time of sign up. 

We reserve the right to bar any player who is found to be under the age of 18 and/ has furnished wrong documents regarding their true age.

All winnings made under this account will be confiscated and the user can face criminal prosecution.

We, however, do recognize that with the accessibility readily available in most homes across the country, it is tough to keep underage participation in check. 9stacks requests you to work with us and report to us if you observe an underage player on the website. 

How To Play Responsibly

Set Deposit Limits:

9stacks encourages you to put a firm limit on the amount you deposit on the platform on a regular basis. This allows you to set a hard limit on the total amount  deposits you make on the platform. 

Cash Game Limits:

Cash games are quite fun and sometimes players tend to get carried away by the thrill of the game. This allows you to set a maximum stake level to play on, every time you play poker on 9stacks. 

Tournament Play Limits:

Activating this  stops you from overspending on a tournament buy-in. You can now set a firm buy-in amount limit for every tournament you intend to participate in. This, however, will not include entries won and tickets allotted for the same.

Self Exclusion: 

Practice restraint and exclude yourself from playing poker altogether for sometime.

How do you do it?

If your answers to the following questions is more than 4, we suggest you practice self-exclusion for sometime from poker. 

  1. Have you ever skipped doing an errand or have gotten late to work or college because you were playing poker?
  2. Has your constant absence due to regular playing for hours, affected your equation with family and friends?
  3. Have you ever borrowed money from friends/family/fellow players to play poker?
  4. Have you ever played poker until you lost all your money?
  5. Have you ever played longer than you planned?
  6. Have you ever considered suicide and self-destruction as a result of your playing?

If you answered Yes to more than 4 questions, we highly recommend you actively practice mindfulness and restraint while playing poker.

How you can Help Yourself

Identify and reduce the risks

If you choose to play online, there are some general guidelines that can help make your playing experience safer, and reduce the risk that problems can occur:

Play with money that you can afford to lose. 

Never use money that you need for important things such as food, rent, bills, or tuition.

Never chase losses.

If you lose money, don't play higher stakes to try and recoup your losses.

Don't play when you are upset, tired, or depressed.

It is difficult to make good decisions when you are feeling down.

Pursue other activities. 

Develop more hobbies and interests so that playing poker does not become too big a part of your life.