Restricted Cashout


Terms and Conditions to keep in mind while applying the promo code during a deposit.


Terms :

RA = Restricted Amount [ Deposit amount + Bonus amount (zero in case of tournament tickets)]

UB = User Balance

PB = Poker Balance

SU= StackUp Points



In the case of applying a promo code during a deposit that has a condition of accumulating a certain number of StackUp points, the following rules apply.

  • The Stack Up points counter will start from the moment you make a successful deposit. (Note that the StackUp points shown on your dashboard are your lifetime points)
  • The StackUp points get updated every hour.
  • You can cash-out any amount which is above your restricted amount at any moment of time.
  • If your UB + PB is less than Restricted Amount(RA) , Cash-out will not be allowed and you will see an error
  • If there is a promo with RA already running in your account, the StackUp points requirement counter will start ONLY AFTER you have completed the earlier promo requirement.

For example :

You have 200 SU points currently. You apply a promo which requires you to generate 450 points. After some time, you apply another PROMO XYZ where you deposit 10K to get a ticket and the requirement is 500 points - In such a scenario, you will be able to cash out your RA (10K) only after you have reached 1150 points [(200(initial) + 450 (earlier promo) + 500( XYZ promo)]

The restriction on cashout will be removed only if you have accumulated the required number of StackUp points.

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