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100% Safe & Legal Online Poker

Without losing any of the fun!

We’ve put in place multiple measures to ensure that playing real money poker online on 9stacks is completely legal. That’s good for you, good for us, and good for the system!

So, what do we NOT do?

No peer-to-peer transfers

Those are illegal in India. All transactions will be between your account and 9stacks.

No cashouts without KYC

That puts all of us at risk of money laundering! So do complete all 3 levels of KYC to be eligible for cashouts.

No single-hand satties

We want to ensure that our games focus on skill, not chance, and one-hand satties fail this test.

No cash, only bank transactions

No fooling around with TDS—we keep things clean. All deposits will be made through your bank account linked to your 9stacks account.

No players below 18 years of age

That’s the minimum legal age to play poker In India.

Who says poker is a game of chance? It is a game of skill! Find out why

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