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Disconnection Policy

Disconnected? No problem.

Life is unpredictable. So is the network. Despite your best intentions, it is possible that you might get disconnected in the middle of a game of real money poker. In such a situation, our aim is to get you back into the game with minimum disruption to you without spoiling the experience of other logged-in users playing against you.

So we follow this Disconnection policy.

Cash games:

If you were playing at a cash table and got disconnected, the table will wait for up to 75 seconds for you to reconnect. If you log back on during this time you can simply continue from where you left off, without losing any moves.

If you are unable to reconnect within this time, you will be folded from the ongoing hand and removed from the table (someone else can then be seated at the table). Note that if you had time in your time bank, that is used up first before the 75 seconds start.


During a tournament, especially in the later stages, a disconnection can have serious consequences in terms of prize pool etc. Therefore, if you are disconnected in the middle of a tournament, you will not be removed from the table but the software will take automatic actions on your behalf (i.e., post antes and blinds, and check wherever possible). The system will fold whenever a bid or a raise has to be called and a decision is needed.

If you have any time left in your time bank, then that is used up first before the software starts taking automatic actions. Whenever you reconnect, you continue playing for yourself from that moment on with whatever balance stack is available. If you are unable to reconnect, then your stack will eventually dwindle to zero due to blinds and antes, and you will then exit the tournament.

Have a question? Write to us: care@9stacks.com