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We handle your money with care.

100% transparency, no hidden terms.

Honesty and transparency are our core values and we’ve created our policies to be fair, honest, and easy to understand. Your money is safe with us and available to you for withdrawal at all times.

We keep our users’ money in liquid funds that can be returned when requested, no questions asked. Our goal is to offer the fastest withdrawals in the poker industry and we’re well on our way there with withdrawals processed in as little as 2 hours’ time.

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Pocket-friendly, custom deposit codes

Low stakes or high? It’s entirely up to you! We have customised deposit codes ranging from ₹500 to ₹2 lakhs. Choose what works best for you.

Simple Bonus codes

We keep our promotions and offers simple, real, and reasonable. No exaggerations and no insane conditions like you have to collect a million loyalty points to earn your bonus!

No hidden costs and conditions

With us, what you see is really what you get. We put our terms and conditions upfront, in simple, clear language, so you know what you’re getting. There will be no nasty surprises later.

Wondering about the legality of playing online poker in India?

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