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One poker table. Nine players. Nine stacks of poker chips!


Sudhir Kamath

From Barrels of Oil to Stacks of Chips

A product of the Delhi Institute of Technology and IIM Ahmedabad, Sudhir enjoys Poker and thinks he’s unbeatable at losing money in the game. He’s getting better, though - he recently made the final table of a 200 person tournament on a competitor’s website where he was researching product features (of course!). He’ll crush you at Scrabble though - in that particular game of skill, he’s one of the top 25 players in India!

Sudhir believes in being able to switch between ideas / big picture and execution / micro-detail. That ability served him well in his role as MD / CEO of Suntera Energy - one of India’s few oil exploration companies successfully producing hydrocarbons outside of India - and now he’s aiming to repeat the trick with poker and 9stacks.

His job is to ensure that 9stacks has the right mix of people who know what they are doing, and that they have the time and the resources to go and do what they need to.

Prior to 9stacks and Suntera Energy, Sudhir worked at McKinsey & Co., which taught him hard work, openness to feedback, and working effectively with people to get things done.

He’s also been an angel investor in other startups, including INI farms (India’s leading exporter of fresh fruits) where he’s on the board.

Father to three bright, young boys, Sudhir loves morning chai, board games and puzzles, and exploring new places every once in a while. He also likes posting a link each day on Facebook - and some of them can be fun to read - you can follow him here.

Pratik Kumar

From selling lingerie and lipsticks to selling Poker dreams

A post graduate from IIT-Kharagpur in Computer Science & Engineering, Pratik has worked mostly with start-ups. He was part of the founding team of Zivame and headed marketing and product. He then joined Nykaa as Chief Marketing Officer and then went on to found Green Giraffes, a multi faceted consulting firm that advises internet based start-ups. Over the last 10 years he has sold clothes, bags, lingerie and beauty products among other things. He calls it coincidence but we believe he is secretly planning a sequel to What Women Want and he will call it What Women Want Online!

Poker is Pratik’s passion and he likes to introduce it to everyone he meets. He wanted to build a platform where players of all skill levels could mingle and compete equally at all times. (We just think he’s built the platform so that he can spend more time playing while his friends and family believe he is building a business.)

When he is not playing poker, he is busy emptying the coffers (of course he calls it marketing) or is busy meddling with product. He simply hates clunky UI/UX and the not-so transparent promotions of various poker sites and has promised to change that paradigm at 9stacks. His advice to 9stacks users: As a player expect simple promotions and an even simpler user interface.

Abhinav Nigam

From business suits to hoodies

Abhinav is an IIT-Kharagpur alumnus and has spent last 12 years advising businesses on growth and cost optimization. His work at Accenture Strategy and later at The Boston Consulting Group took him to the remotest of places on earth ... Kalahandi Forests in Odisha, Eastern Deserts of Saudi, Papua in Eastern Indonesia, Salt Lake Valley in Utah to name a few (If you need any tips on flying in Choppers, Private Jets or International Flights, with no check-in bags ever, he is your man!).

On Poker … till about a year ago, the only thing he knew was that it involves playing cards and money. He is learning the game fast and has recently discovered that he is a natural. He is currently known for his unique moves and upsetting his fellow seasoned players during the game. We promise to keep the world posted on how he progresses!

On a serious note, he is a believer in transparency and details. After spending months in detailed discussions with lawyers, tax experts and bankers, 9stacks has crafted policies that are clear and transparent. He has ensured that 9stacks always stays on the right side of law, meets all regulatory and tax compliances, never uses player’s money in Business activities and returns players due in the minimum possible time. Abhinav likes to think of himself as the gatekeeper guarding our user’s money from the rest of us, and who are we to disagree??

His words of advice to all 9stacks users: “You can trust us with your money and focus on the game. Go ahead and StackUp!”

Rishab Mathur

From Computer Chips to Poker chips (with a few potato chips along the way!)

Rishab is the tech superhero behind 9stacks. He is a graduate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from IIT- Kharagpur, and has worked in hard-core tech jobs all his life, overlaid with a strong feel for elegant design. One day he’ll invent a super comfy chair from which he can write code, play poker, sip a juice and supervise his team - all at the same time. In general, he believes in harnessing technology to make life easier in all aspects; the rest of us think he just likes working hard in order to achieve laziness!

He’s a happy-go-lucky player when it comes to Poker and believes in having lots of fun while playing the game. In fact, one of the reasons we decided to set up 9stacks was because Rishab was so unhappy with the playing experience at the other poker sites in town, and decided he could build a better one himself!

He’s also a paranoid nut when it comes to security and data integrity - together with his team, Rishab spends sleepless nights coming up with the right solutions to enhance the 9stacks experience for all users. Not surprisingly, it was Rishab who came up with the statement that we all embraced and made our central theme: You Play Safe With Us! Apart from security, Rishab is focused on user experience and scalability, and these are what drive him to constantly come up with new ideas to improve our gaming platform.

When he’s not busy ‘tech-ing’, Rishab can be found frequenting the various watering holes in and around Delhi. Rishab’s love for food and home-bred superheroes like Nagraj, Doga and Super Commando Dhruv, is legendary and he hopes his son will inherit these qualities.