11th January 2019 4:00 PM - 31st May 2019 11:59 PM

What is Streak ?

  • Play 75+ hands everyday for 4 consecutive days
  • Daily Streak prizes starting from 1000 in a day going upto 2500 in a day
  • Promotion valid on all 50 / 100 Texas and Omaha tables
  • Starts from 31-May 10:00 AM and ends on 10-Jun 9:59 AM
  • Daily cycle - 10:00 AM of day1 to 9:59 AM of day2 (Example : Day 1 from 31-May 10 AM to 01-Jun 9:59 AM)
  • Payouts will be done every day at 2 PM

Streak prize criterion:

Day 1 of 75+ hands - Streak start

1000 in PB

Consecutive Day 2 of 75+ hands

1500 in PB

Consecutive Day 3 of 75+ hands

2000 in PB

Consecutive Day 4 of 75+ hands

2500 in PB

What is Streak Bonus?

Complete 1200 hands in 7 consecutive days and get 15K in PB Or

Complete 3000 hands in 7 consecutive days and get 40K in PB

How to view Streak progress?

Login to LFGVegas 2.00 and check the “My Streak” tab.

What happens if you miss out on a day in Streak?

If a user does not play valid 75 hands in a day, in the middle of a Streak, the cycle re-sets. The next day of 75+ hands will be counted is a fresh start for a new Streak

Which hands will be counted in Streak?

1 non headsup post flop hands will be counted as 1 hand

3 heads up post flop hand will be counted as 1 hand

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