IPC Cash Heist

22nd November 2019 8 PM - 16th December 2019 6 AM
cash heist secondary

Introducing IPC Cash Heist , your gateway to IPC Goa. Participate in the cash promotion to-


- Win IPC tournament tickets

- A Trip to Goa during the IPC January  2020.


What’s more? There are unlimited winners!

Here’s your chance to collect your own BBs by playing on 50/100 and above tables, building your own stack and getting a free entry to the IPC Heist tournament on 18th December at 8 pm.


For every 500 Heist points get 5BB ( Unlimited between 3 December 8 pm till 16 December 6 am )


Play 50 hands* in a day on 50/100 or 100/200 to get 5BB

Play 75 hands* in a day on 50/100 or 100/200 to get 10BB

Play 150 hands* in a day on 50/100 or 100/200 to get 15BB

Player can claim any of the above

*Only Post flop hands will get counted.

Prizes :

1 HR event ticket worth 1 lakh to the winner of the tournament

4 Main event tickets worth 50K each to the rank 2-5.

5 Goa Packages worth 20K each to the rank 6-10

5 Card PLO Booster : Get 1BB in IPC Cash Heist tournament everytime you win on Fullhouse and above on 50/100 and 100/200 tables only

Duration : 22 November 8 p.m.  till 16 December 6 a.m.

#Heist Points



IPC Main event ticket worth 50K


  • IPC ME ticket + 20k in PB
  • 40k

  • IPC ME ticket + 40k in PB
  • 50K

    IPC HR ticket worth 1 Lakh + IPC Main event ticket + Goa Package worth 20K 

    Winners can claim either of the 4 rewards mentioned in the above table