Private tables


Private tables

After years of playing poker, we’ve understood there are three kinds of poker players: those who can count, and those who can’t.

(sorry for that PJ! Let’s try again.)

After years of playing poker, we’ve understood there are two kinds of poker games: those, that are played competitively and those, that are played purely for fun.

The ones played purely for fun are usually held at people’s houses, with some chips and dips, loud music, sports on the screen, and a chilled beverage in hand.

These are social occasions where everyone around the table knows each other, or at the very least is a friend of a friend and as the evening goes on we’re all friends. (By comparison, poker games played competitively could happen at a poker club, a poker tournament, or at a friend’s place, but there will be people at the table that you may not know - and may make no effort to know; your objective is to leverage your superior poker skills and grow your stack.)

For the first time, 9stacks introduces friendly private tables to recreate that atmosphere of poker played with friends for fun. In essence, we’ve made it super easy for any user to play on the private table, all they have to do is send us a message on and we will create the private table for you!

To make it even more fun, the rake cap on our private tables is the lowest in India. Click here for all rake rules